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X-Country Skiing, Snow-Shoeing & Sledding

Cross Country Skiing, Snow-Shoeing and Sledding

All members are welcome to take to the course for snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing during the winter months. We have our own cross country trail set machine that is pulled behind a snowmobile, and the trail is groomed three days a week, usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday depending on the wind drifts and snowfall accumulation.

The trailhead begins in the parking lot next to the bag drop area. The trail follows the right side of holes 10, 11 and 12 then turns north around the 13th tee. It winds through the pines on the right of 15, and turns right down the second half of 17. It curves around the back of 17 green, behind 18 tee and ties back into the trail next to 10 green. This is where you can catch the loop again if you wish. The entire trail, one time around and back to the parking lot, is one mile. Feel free to bring your snow shoes to the club and explore the golf course in the winter.

Just outside the clubhouse offers a great opportunity for families to sled at the Club. School snow days or weekends. are always popular. Grab your sled or a tube and head up to the Club! Warm up inside the 19th Hole following your sledding experience.