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Golf Policies and Dress Codes


To make the season more enjoyable for everyone, please review the following reminders regarding tradition and policies all golfers should follow during the season.


Dress Code

Traverse City Golf & Country Club is an exclusive, member owned, private country club with the aim of a relaxed, but conservative dress code. Tasteful and appropriate attire is expected at all times. Members are asked to willingly comply with the code and to make their family & guests aware of the requirements and ensure they comply.

Our staff has been authorized by the Board of Directors to enforce the dress code and has their permission to refuse service to anyone not in compliance. Persons not meeting these requirements will be asked to comply or may be refused access to the club and its facilities. Follow up for infractions will be conducted by the Management and will be brought before the Board of Directors for appropriate action.

Rules cannot be written that can possibly address every instance of inappropriate dress, but here are some requirements:

For MEN:
Men are required to wear shirts with collars and sleeves. Shirts are to be tucked in at all times. Exception for shirts specifically designed to be worn outside the pants or shorts (not polo shirts). Khaki or dress pants and shorts are required and shorts must be at least mid-thigh in length. Frayed or excessively baggy pants/shorts are not permitted.

Women are required to wear golf appropriate tops or sleeves. Pants, shorts, skorts, and skirts are permitted and must be at least mid-thigh in length.  Yoga/Stretch pants are not permitted.

Denim is not appropriate at any time for all.

The above guidelines apply to junior golfers as well as adult golfers. Please note that all members are responsible for their guests’ adherence to our dress code. Please make sure your guests are aware of our policy prior to their arrival at the Club.

If you need further clarification regarding our golf course dress code, please contact the Golf Shop at 947-3553.


Golf Course Policies

All golfers must register in the Golf Shop prior to play. Please refer to the Club’s calendar of events as well as our Course Availability guidelines to avoid embarrassment during a time when the course is reserved for play.


Starting Times
Tee times may be reserved up to one week in advance by contacting the Golf Shop directly at 231-947-3553 or visit the website to book your tee times online. Please provide the names of your group and whether you would prefer to walk or ride. Whenever possible, please call ahead for tee times.  Starting on the back nine is not permitted unless approved by the Golf Shop.


You are welcome to bring guests to golf at the Club. The names and addresses of your guest(s) must be recorded in the Golf Shop, and guests who live within 50 miles of our club may not play more than four times per year. Members are responsible for their guests’ decorum and adherence to the dress code and other policies while at the Club.


Speed of Play
Our policy for golf is four hours or less it makes everyone’s day on the course more enjoyable.

Tips to Achieve 18 Holes in Four Hours or Less:
Keep pace with the group in front of you.
On slower days, please let faster groups behind you play through.
If you are unable to keep pace on a busy day, simply skip a hole to catch up with the group in front of you.


Even though you may not be in violation of our pace of play policy, please be considerate of others and let faster players play through if there is an open hole in front of you.

Lunch at the Turn
The Sports Committee asks that golfers do not sit down for lunch at the turn between holes 9 and 10. Please place your order from the phone at the #9 tee and take it with you as you make the turn so that play may continue.


Cell Phone Courtesy
The use of cell phones on the golf course is discouraged, but should you need to use them please be considerate of others: 

Keep your cell phone on vibrate.
Use only when necessary.
Be aware of others when using your cell phone.


Care of the Course
The condition of the golf course is highly dependent on the care the members exhibit. Please replace all divots and repair all ball marks on the green. Before you leave a green, please make sure all disturbances are repaired. Please adhere to golf cart directional signs on the course and keep carts out of restricted areas.