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Golf Shop Services

Welcome to the Traverse City Golf & Country Club from the Club’s professional golf staff. We will do our best to make your daily golfing activities most enjoyable. We want you to relax and have fun on the course.  The following information will outline the many services provided by the Golf Shop, and explain procedures relating to various activities offered at the Club.



Club Storage and Cleaning:
On your first visit to the Club each spring, please bring your golf clubs. We will assign them to their individual service rack and make sure they are properly tagged. Then, each time you come to play, your clubs will be placed out for you, loaded onto an electric cart or pull cart, cleaned when you finish and placed back on their rack.

We will also bring to your attention minor repairs that may be needed to keep your equipment in good shape. If you wish to have individual name labels applied to your clubs, please inquire. While in our keeping, we make every effort to take the utmost care with your equipment. Our club service staff enjoys working at the Traverse City Golf & County Club and assisting our members and their guests. We are sure you will find them well mannered and eager to please.

Your clubs can be stored at the Club on a seasonal basis or year-round. There is a fee for club storage.

Lost and Found:
A lost and found area is located in the Golf Shop. You may call the Golf Shop or inquire within if you believe you have misplaced an item.

Club Repair:
The Golf Shop offers complete club repair services.  We can replace grips and lengthen, shorten, re-shaft or make other alterations to your clubs in a very short time. 

Golf Shop Credit for Merchandise:
Golf Shop credit is issued as awards for our many golfing events.  Credits are filed in the Golf Shop the day after the event.  All credits received during the golf season must be redeemed by December 21st. 


The Traverse City Golf & Country Club provides one of the best practice facilities and driving range programs in northern Michigan. All practice is limited to the driving range, practice green and practice bunker. Range balls are provided on the range at all times. Proper attire must be worn at all times.

All golf members are billed an annual Golf Amenities Fee, which includes unlimited use of the Club’s practice facilities, unlimited use of push and pull carts, two sets of soft spikes changed per season per membership, and discounted shoe shine service.

If you would like a locker, please contact the business office at 947-9140 and our office staff will provide you with availability.  A yearly locker fee will be charged to your account based on the size of the locker.

A sufficient number of carts are available at Traverse City Golf & Country Club and cart reservations are not normally necessary. When making your tee time, please notify the Golf Shop if you prefer to ride, walk, or use a pull cart. Push or pull carts can be used for those who prefer to walk and are included in your amenities fee. When signing up for a tournament or event, please state your preference.

Each season, we in the Golf Shop are confronted with a unique problem: How can we play golf with a majority of the members? If you would like to play golf with a member of our golf staff, please let us know. Our job is always governed by the daily events and needs of the entire membership, but we will do our best to free up our schedules for a round of golf. We also enjoy filling out your foursome on short notice.
Handicapping is a major function in golf and helps all of us to be competitive in club events and friendly games. At Traverse City Golf & Country Club, each member enters their own score into the club’s handicap computer system. Handicap kiosks can be found in the men’s and ladies’ locker rooms.  As an added service provided by the Golf Association of Michigan you also may enter your scores through their website at

Remember that for everyone to have a reliable handicap, every score must be posted. If you have played a round away from the Club, please make sure to post your score.  Handicaps are automatically kept current by the Golf Association of Michigan.  If you are a new member, please check with us in the Golf Shop for an explanation of how your handicap is to be established.

If you still have specific questions regarding our golf program, please do not hesitate to contact the Golf Shop staff at 231-947-3553 or via email at

The Traverse City Golf & Country Club is rich in tradition, and we hope that you will take every opportunity to enjoy yourself at the Club.